Introducing Gigmo

Posted on February 12th, 2014

Music makes everything better.  Be it Friday night at a bar or restaurant, a wedding, a grand opening, a fair, a reunion, or a holiday party, if you add good live music to any event it’s instantly 100x cooler.


But if you’ve ever tried to book live local music, there are very few services that will show you all your options and facilitate the process both easily and securely.  And if you’re a musician, you probably hate administrative work and making payment collections, and would rather focus on being creative writing and playing music.

That is why we wanted to create Gigmo, an online service that will fuse Music & Opportunity:

- Artists will create a profile, upload media, and use their social media streams to highlight their skills

- Event Planners will create a profile and post events

- Gigmo will play match-maker, connect the parties, and facilitate the contract and financial transaction

- Local music lovers will use our service to find and rate local gigs

- Music will be made and everything will be more awesome!


Stay tuned for news of our launch, and Let’s Make Music!

-Gigmo Team

Coming Soon…

Posted on February 7th, 2014

Gigmo development is in full swing, details coming soon!

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-Team Gigmo